Cooperating Clinics

A Fund, Inc. does business with several cooperating clinics, in KY and surrounding states.   KY women who are unable to raise the full cost of the abortion they seek can apply at any of these clinics for additional funding, from A Fund.  A Fund advises women to phone the National Abortion Federation, 1-800-772-9100, first, to see if NAF funds will be sufficient to help them.  If KY women need a bit more help, they can apply at any of the following clinics for additional assistance, which is usually about half of the amount provided by NAF.

The Women’s Medical Center
Cincinnati, OH
1-800-543-7225/513 751-6000

The Women’s Med Center
1-800-672-6810/ 937 293-3917

Planned Parenthood of Cincinnati
513 287-6488

The Hope Clinic for Women
Granite City, IL
1-800-844-3130/ 618 451-5722

Clinic for Women
Indianapolis, IN
1-800-545-2400/ 317 955-2641

Indianapolis Women’s  Center
317 353-9371

The Women’s Center
Nashville, TN
615 331-1200, press 4

EMW Women’s Surgical Center
Louisville KY
502 589-2124/1-800-292-2189