What if you were a mother of two young children and discovered another pregnancy that you could not afford, mentally, physically or financially?

What if you needed $750 by next Tuesday, in order to terminate?

A FUND can help a woman bridge the gap between the money she has and the money she needs for an abortion. A Fund also helps pay for Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) for low income women at the University of Louisville Ryan Family Planning Clinic.

If you would like to help a woman in need of funding for abortion or LARC, go to GiveforGoodLouisville.org on 9/12/19, anytime between midnight and midnight, to donate online. Your donation on this special day of giving, organized by the Community Foundation of Louisville, will help A FUND qualify for additional prize dollars and bonus dollars, so your gift will go further to help a woman in need. Thank you!