In celebration of its 25th year of being an all-volunteer 501c3 abortion fund, A Fund announces a new A B C Campaign:

A: A Fund has been helping KY women pay for Abortion for 25 years. Last year we helped more than 450 women to access abortion, paying out more than $47,000 to clinics to do so.

B: We are now working with university student health services to make Plan B more affordable and accessible for college women. The number one reason that women drop out of college is unintended pregnancy! Plan B, emergency contraception pills, can prevent pregnancies resulting from date rape, sexual assault or contraceptive failure, for example.

C: During 2018, we will also be helping to fund Long Active Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs) in conjunction with the Ryan Family Planning Clinic at UL School of Medicine.

We welcome your moral and financial support!