2018 Report to Donors

During this 25th Anniversary year, A Fund donors have really invested their confidence in us and our ability to use their donations to help women seeking abortion.

We pride ourselves on our transparency—donors know exactly how this all-volunteer organization spends funds entrusted to us.  Below are the numbers you have made possible:

During the past fiscal year, ending June 30, 2018:

$111,592 Total contributions received

320           Number of donors

610           Number of women helped    

$128         Avg amt of assistance per woman (range:  $50 to $2000)

12             Clinics participating (last one in KY and the rest in several other states)                                                                                                                 

2.5%        Amount spent on overhead exp. (postage, printing, etc.)                                                                                                                     

$349        Avg annual amount our donors gave                    
[Special thanks to our Treasurer, Doug Deatz, for compiling the above data and for all our Regular Board reports.]

We don’t know what the future will bring regarding Kentucky’s last open abortion clinic:  a federal court decision is pending on challenges to the latest state efforts to close the clinic, and an appeal will be made, regardless of outcome at the trial level.   We don’t know if Roe v. Wade will be overturned next term by the new Supreme Court.   What we do know is that YOU, our donors, have made it possible for A Fund to help every woman who seeks our aid in paying for the abortion she seeks.  Whether she has to travel to DC, WV, IL, OH, IN, TN NM or CO, your dollars will reach the clinic she chooses for her abortion.

Please put September 13 on your calendar for Give for Good Day.  On that day, the Community Foundation of Louisville hosts a day of online giving, in support of many nonprofits in the Louisville area.  A Fund will be participating, and many donations are matched, so your dollar goes even further. We are also enclosing two “bookmarks,” to remind you that you can also ask Kroger and Smile Amazon to donate to A Fund, by enrolling in their charitable giving programs.  After enrolling once, each time you shop at Kroger or SmileAmazon, a small percentage will be sent to A Fund, at no extra cost to you! Last fiscal year we received $944 from Kroger and $102 from Smile Amazon. Amazing!

Thank you for your moral and financial support!

Respectfully submitted,

Kate Cunningham,
President, A Fund, Inc.

Board members:  Ann Allen, Betty Brown, Doug Deatz, Sharon Yunker Deatz, Debbie Finkel, Wayne A. Gnatuk, Carol Savkovich, Maggie Steptoe, Alex Whitman

Members At Large:  Robin Harland, Paula Schneider