2017 Report to Donors

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  We all know the bad news of 2016 but FY 2016/2017 was a banner year for A Fund: we received more total donations, from more donors, helping more women than ever before in our 24 year history!

A Fund, Inc.  By the Numbers

During the past fiscal year, ending June 30, 3017:

$74,045 Total contributions received (267 donors)

3.5%   Amount spent on non-clinic/client expenses ($2,619)

$277      Avg annual amount our donors give

$106      Avg amount of assistance per client (range:  $50 to $1000)

469        Number of low income Kentucky women we assisted financially

9            Clinics whose clients were provided our assistance in FY 2017

[Special thanks to our Treasurer, Doug Deatz, for compiling the above data and for all of  our regular Board reports.]

More clinics, from more states, are helping Kentucky women

Now that Kentucky has only one open abortion clinic, more and more women need to travel out of state to get the abortion they seek.  A Fund has had working relationships with several clinics

for many, many years, in Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio and Illinois.  Clinics in Colorado, Maryland

and Georgia also know how to contact A Fund, if a Kentucky woman travels to those more distant states for help, usually for a later term abortion.

Helping A Fund Help Kentucky Women

Thanks to you, our donors, A Fund stands ready, willing and able to help every Kentucky woman who calls upon us for assistance, whether the amount needed is $50 or $1000.

In addition to personal donations, our supporters can give to A Fund by designating A Fund as their chosen charity with Kroger Rewards ($1026 received in FY 2017) and with Smile Amazon ($68 received in FY 2017).  The Kroger designation must be renewed every August.  The two enclosed bookmarks explain how to sign up for both programs.

A Fund will again be participating in Give For Good Louisville, organized by the Community Foundation of Louisville.  On Sept. 14, you will have a special day to make a donation thru the Louisville Community Foundation to A Fund; these special gifts will be matched, in part, by the Foundation.  Please mark your calendars now to participate on Sept. 14 by visiting www.giveforgoodlouisville.org and selecting A Fund!

Respectfully submitted,

Kate Cunningham

President, A Fund, Inc.

Board members:  Ann Allen, Betty Brown, Doug Deatz, Sharon Yunker Deatz, Debbie Finkel, Carol Savkovich, Maggie Steptoe, Alex Whitman; Members At Large:  Wayne Gnatuk, Robin Harland