2015 Report to Donors

A Fund, Inc., now in its 22nd year, is delighted to inform our donors and friends that we have had another successful fundraising year—thanks to YOU! Our Treasurer reports the following
numbers for our fiscal year which just ended June 30, 2015.

This is what your donation made possible:

  • $49,932: total contributions from 182 donors
  • $274: average annual amount given, per donor
  • 413: number of low income Kentucky women assisted financially
    (compared with 395 helped last year)
  • $98: average amount of assistance
  • 10: number of cooperating clinics serving KY women; we maintain good
    relationships with these clinics and strive, through our reporting system,
    to make sure that the funds you donate are used wisely

We use almost all donations for direct services to women; our overhead expenses (printing,
postage, mailbox, etc.) amounted to just 1.2% of monies raised last year.

Although the typical assistance grant is about $75, we have authorized clinic staff to be generous with our donors’ funds, when needed. This way, when a stroke survivor or rape victim or young teen or other woman in extreme need asks for our help, we can step up with $200, $300, $1000 or whatever it takes to enable an unplanned, unwanted or medically risky pregnancy to be terminated.

Thanks to YOU, A Fund works to help KY women in need. We appreciate your steadfast,
crucial support!

Respectfully submitted:

A Fund’s Board of Directors: Kate Cunningham – President; Maggie Steptoe – Secretary; Betty Brown – Director; Carol Savkovich – Director; Rev. Sharon Yunker-Deatz – Director; Rev. Millie Horning Peters – Director; Alex Whitman  – Director; Doug Deatz – Treasurer; Ann Allen and Deborah Finkel – Members at Large